Sweet and delicious like the nectar of flowers in the Spring: GEMSUN presents BLUMENNEKTAR. A harmonious hommage to the season of rebirth and awakening. Filled with bright and light colors, classics and new innovations. Angelic soft fabrics meet denim and cotton. Versatility meets elegance. Celebrating artisanry from crocheting, to braiding, stitching and hand-sewing. A collection with sparkling surprises and beads rounding out intricate details. Matching sets, flowing dresses, glittering pants, classic tees reinvented and a new collaboration with Peruvian brand SASTRE are just a few of the pieces you can get excited about. Dive into Spring and soak in all of BLUMENNEKTAR.


20 years of friendship. From childhood to adolescent and from adolescent to adulthood. From a small town in Germany to trips all over the world to NYC, LA and CDMX. Inspired by nature, by beauty, by culture, and by the newness of the foreign. Constantly aiming to thrive, to support, to innovate. Elevating each other, uplifting and celebrating the act of creation. Our latest fall winter 2023 collection IMMER NOCH WIR - STILL US, is the culmination of our relationship into the 3D. Handcrafted new bags, hats and belts accompanied by lovingly designed dresses, light blouses, playful denim and our staple pieces. 20 years of friendship put together into one collection. Our past meets our future in the now. 



SOMMERSPROSSE is the latest GEMSUN Summer collection. Translating into freckle, SOMMERSPROSSE stands for unique pieces that can be combined in multiple ways to create an outstanding Summer wardrobe.Skirts and dresses, hats and bags, belts in different colors, shapes and materials, flowers and suns. Linen, silk, soft like warm rays of sunshine. Shiny silver elements combined with beads and bamboo cotton. Airy and flowing, from a walk on the beach to a dinner in the city. This is our Summer of 2023. This is SOMMERSPROSSE.


VOLLBLÜTE symbolizes the stage of full blooming for any flowers. The height of spring. When the grass is the lushest. The green of the trees the greenest. The color palette of the flowers the most vivacious. Nature is peaking in its most potent beauty. 

Swinging dresses, discreetly sparkling sequins, shiny materials, soft cottons, smooth silk and flowing mesh. Wrapped pants, wrapped blouse, wrapped crochet skirt. Belts with beads, belts that are also skirts, belts made from recycled materials. Earthy tones mix with vibrant colors. Hats, bags, head scarfs. This is our 2023 Spring collection. This is our VOLLBLÜTE.


Softest merino wools, fluffy fleece, smoothly wrapped cottons and more warming materials are the base of this year’s GEMSUN Winter collection. WINTERWIND allows for you to stay cozy and snug, while enjoying walks in the cold.


Golds and reds, earthy tones. Leaves falling and being carried by the wind. Bright morning light and crisp air. Clear night skies illuminated by the million sprinkles of the stars. The rustling of the wind.


Moving your body, your feet, your hips, swinging your arms to the beat of summer. Feeling each little sand grain between your toes, soaking in an ocean breeze, and feeling the warmth of the sun on your skin. GEMSUN SONNENTANZ embodies all the above. Our new collection keeps our promise to use sustainable materials and create unique and timeless pieces you can wear from sunrise to sunset. To the beach and the dinner party. In the city and the countryside.Each piece made with love, thoughtfully curated, and created by hand. This is our summer 2022. This is SONNENTANZ.


Frischluft - the fresh spring air that is filled with the magic of awakenings and a lingering smell of flowers starting to blossom. Diving deep, we have developed this year’s spring collection full of colors, inspiring shapes and a renewed zest for life. Spring is the season of rebirth and beginnings. Therefore we continue to use deadstock and recycled materials, expanding our horizon and finding new ways to express our love for true gems. Made from the magic of our hands to be worn by you. Stitch by stitch, bead by bead, and piece by piece infused with warm energy.


The sun inevitably rises another morning and her bright rays crawl across the land. Excited light reflections bounce off flowing creek water allowing the leaves above dancing in the wind to reveal flashes of their true colors. Shadows dissipate and morph throughout the illuminated forest and over the tops of boulders and around fallen trees. The waking earth is being invited to a WANDERUNG, a hike. Enjoy the peaceful nature and connect deeply to mother earth in our WANDERUNG gems made out of deadstock fabrics and 100% recycled yarn.


Our summer collection MEERESLUFT, ocean breeze, is inspired by beach moments around the world. Big Pacific Ocean waves, tropical islands, and orange sunset light in the Mediterranean. Our MEERESLUFT gems are your unique companions from a sandy day at the beach to an elegant sunset dinner. Caring about our oceans, the entire planet, and all inhabitants, we are using deadstock fabrics, 100% recycled yarn as well as biodegradable raffia to create our collection. Additionally, this season we collaborated with TIDAL New York to create comfy, long lasting, environmentally friendly flip flops.


Inspired by alpine wild flower fields, our BLUMENWIESE collection brings you a playful combination of colors and materials with a focus on sustainable choices.


Natural beauty hidden in plain sight seemingly normal but when given a kiss from the sun their personality emerges, glimmering in the light. Gems. Everywhere. Anywhere. GEMSUN pays homage to these miracles that happen every day. GEMSUN is a harmonious union of 3 lines, connecting one-of-a-kind creations from our visions as well as vintage pieces and artisanal goods. Inspired by nature and its changing seasons, all GEMSUN collections are connected to this constant flow of variety. GEMSUN celebrates ethically produced and sourced clothing that keeps the health of our planet and its people in mind.As we believe in empowering people and supporting others in taking charge of their lives, GEMSUN is donating 10% of our sales to Sewing the Seeds a project that supports women in becoming independent through learning how to create garments.