Photographed by Alexis Badiyi

Styled by Nane Feist, Gemsun and Alexis Badiyi

Introducing our mega gem NANE. An inspirational beauty with a green thumb that loves to spend time gardening. Nane has touched us since we met her and we love her candid way of approaching life. She loves early blooming Peonies and Black Parrot Tulips in the Spring as well as experimenting with clay.

How did the outfit we styled you in feel? What did you like about it?

"Diverse, sophisticated and playful."

VOLLBLÜTE means full bloom. What do you connect to spring and it’s blooming energy?

"I have a deep connection to gardening. I love seeing my plants awakening after a long winter."

What is something you are birthing this spring? 

"Moving back to Europe after a decade in NYC."

GEM OR SUN? and why?

"Sun - I’m a Sonnenkind  ‘child of the sun’. Soaking up the sun centers me and puts me right into my element."

What made the outfit you styled yourself in so special?

"I love the different textures and ways you can play around with the items I picked."