Photographed by Alexis Badiyi

Styled by Gilly Chan, Gemsun and Alexis Badiyi

Introducing GILLY who can be found frequently browsing record shops always looking for unique sounds and artists as she loves to curate playlists. A joyous being that finds inspiration in her friends and seeks out ways of combining the old and the new. Gilly has an infectiously positive outlook on life and knows that good things are to come.

VOLLBLÜTE means full bloom. What do you connect to spring and it’s blooming energy?

"My birthday is in the spring (May 2nd), it’s always a joyous time of year where everyone wants to be outside. Since I’ve grown up in NYC every year you can feel the shift in energy during spring, people are friendlier, smile more, and have a lot of gratitude for the weather. I love this shift it’s so exciting."

How did the outfit we styled you in feel? What did you like about it?

"I love the outfit you styled, it is very feminine and I love embracing my femininity. Gemsun pieces are classic silhouettes with a surprise twist that makes them unique."

What is your favorite Gemsun piece you are wearing?

"I’m in love with the black trousers with the green skirt combo pants they are so fun and versatile."

What is something you are birthing this spring? "Something I am bringing into fruition this spring is the feeling of fullness. Intentionally putting myself close to people, settings, and practices that leave me feeling more alive and inspired."

GEM OR SUN? and why?

"Sun because it's medicine."

What made the outfit you styled yourself in so special?

"I've had my eye on the dress for a while. I love a thin, tight jersey- so comfy and sexy. Its an amazing piece and can take on many lives depending on the way you style it."

What is something you are birthing this spring? 

"I am birthing letting go of judgement, and welcoming positivity. The last few years have been difficult, this year I’m entering my solar return and feel as though a weight has been lifted. I just have a feeling good things are to come, there are many signs telling me this."

What are you working on right now? What inspires right now?

"Right now I’m working on curating playlists, I frequent record shops looking for unique sounds and artists, and I'm also learning how to sew. I’m very much into the juxtaposition between old and new and finding ways to combine the two, whether that be clothing, music, or art. My peers are what inspire me right now, having friends that can create without much financially or even without much time, but continue to make and have passion for what they do."

What made the outfit you styled yourself in so special?

"The outfit I styled shows many sides of my personality, sensuality with the mesh but also quirkiness with the jeans. I think I’m a fun person who is also very passionate, and these qualities are what I think about when I style myself."

What is your passion right now?

"My passion right now is discovering music, creating community and finding news ways to be creative."

What is your favorite spring flower?

"Cherry blossoms have to be my favorite, they signify the end of winter and for me this is the true beginning of the year. They only stay for a week or two which makes them extra special."