Photographed by Alexis Badiyi

Styled by Laura Reilly, Gemsun and Alexis Badiyi

A magician of words, founder and editor of Magasin as well as a true styling muse, LAURA constantly wows us with her creativity, kind heart, sense for aesthetics and her well-thought-out writing. During our MEGA GEM session, we got to experience all of that andwe’re excited to share Laura’s thoughts on why fall is the perfect time for dinner parties and why our HIRTE HAT is her favorite unexpected gem of the season.

What is something you look forward to this fall?

"Dinner party season! My husband Nir is a prolific chef, a fact and tool that I leverage to get creative, cool, and wonderful people into our home for a minimum of three hours at a time. That ache for interpersonal connection that jumps out as things cool down aligns so-not-coincidentally with the arrival of so much new and fun produce to look forward to."

What did you like about styling yourself in Gemsun fall?

"The unexpected colors, and how those cleverly "off" shades communicated with one another."

What is your favorite Gemsun piece?

"The HIRTE HAT was such an unexpected win for me! I usually bill myself as "not a hat person", but this nubby little cap was surprisingly flattering and elegant."

What does friendship mean to you?

"The comfort of being one's self in company."

How do you connect with your friends?

"Nothing can replace that in-person, in-the-moment bond."

How did you feel being styled by Gemsun and Alexis?

"It's always fascinating to see yourself through other people's eyes: I was riding the subway once when I noticed a man sketching me (he was clearly an artist exercising his craft, it wasn't offensive), and I experienced such a rush of ASMR. The same thing happened when a clairvoyant DM'ed me over Instagram to share a vision she had for me. This was a bit like that!"

What is your favorite fall tree leaf color?

"That deepest merlot red. Where is it hiding inside the leaf for the rest of its cycle?"

What do you love most about dressing yourself in fall?

"Decentralizing the body a bit. I enjoy working within constraints, and removing skin and often figure as elements in fashion give the textiles more space for expression."

Gem or Sun and why?

"Sun. I'm always losing track of little things here and there. Gems fall through the cracks and sun washes over you wherever you are."

What is something exciting that is coming for you this fall?

"My mother's coming this weekend, we're going to see an aerial-rock climbing-dance performance matinee at BAM. It looks wild. Not only is dinner party season back, it's also the season for dinner and a show."