For this year’s Spring collection, GEMSUN partnered with Peruvian based brand SASTRE to create three pieces that explore the art of tailoring and creating timeless staples. Hours of conversations and sample making between Peru and NYC, to find the perfect designs and patterns, we present the SASTRE x GEMSUN DANI PANTS, the SASTRE x GEMSUN DANI SHIRT and the SASTRE x GEMSUN DANI KAFTAN.

Celebrating the balance of intricacy and simplicity, this collaboration is an ode to handcraft and quality fabrics. Infusing natural flavors and blends from Peru’s rich culture, all pieces are made from a Peruvian linen cotton blend.

GEMSUN x Belmond Resort

Photographed by @piariverola

For @belmond and @belmondmaroma


Being inspired by beauty all around us and creating unique pieces from up-cycled resources and deadstock fabrics. 

This forms the connection between Peruvian independent brand NIM and GEMSUN.

For the Summer collection SOMMERSPROSSE, we worked together on creating elegant and timeless dresses. Introducing the NIM x GEMSUN BLANCA and CARLA DRESS. Strapless and flattering, made in Peru from 100% cotton.

GEMSUN x Sincerely, Tommy

Gemsun x Sincerely, Tommy created an exclusive, limited edition SINCERELY, TOMMY HAT made out of 100% recycled cotton. Earthy tones fading into each other and a swirl in the center symbolizing natural spiral movements.


Inspired by the beach, the waves and structure of oysters, Gemsun x Jolie created an exclusive, limited edition JOLIE SUN HAT made out of 100% biodegradable raffia. Profits from the garment are donated to the Billion Oyster Project organization to help clean New York’s harbor by restoring oyster reefs.


Comfy, long lasting, environmentally friendly flip flops are the creation of our collaboration with TIDAL New York for our summer collection 2021 & 2022.

GEMSUN x Ending Soon

We are always up for a challenge! This special collaboration with NYC x Ending Soon space in Williamsburg created lampshades from 100% recycled plastic PET bottles.