Photographed by Alexis Badiyi

Styled by Spencer Malinski, Gemsun and Alexis Badiyi

Introducing SPENCER who has been inspiring us for a long time. She is a genuine gem that loves to express herself with her inspirational style and great humor. Spencer likes to play with colors and is currently inspired by how different materials hold and reflect color. Working with textiles, her latest project is the release of a new collection of rugs in collaboration with a dear friend.

VOLLBLÜTE means full bloom. What do you connect to spring and it’s blooming energy?

"I love the freshness of spring after being burrowed away for the winter. The energy is palpable and the city is flirty!"

What is your favorite Gemsun piece you are wearing?

"Currently my most worn Gemsun piece is the Perlen Belt. I love the nuances in color and it's so easy to throw into the mix when getting dressed."

How did the outfit we styled you in feel? What did you like about it?

"It was so fun! I'm always curious to see how someone else would dress me or what they think will suit me. It's a nice change in perspective. It's hard not to like a sheer, mint-colored cargo capri and crop top. Listen, we're showing skin this summer!"

What is something you are birthing this spring? "Something I am bringing into fruition this spring is the feeling of fullness. Intentionally putting myself close to people, settings, and practices that leave me feeling more alive and inspired."

GEM OR SUN? and why?

"Sun because it's medicine."

What made the outfit you styled yourself in so special?

"I've had my eye on the dress for a while. I love a thin, tight jersey- so comfy and sexy. Its an amazing piece and can take on many lives depending on the way you style it."

What is your favorite spring flower?"Gardenia."

What are you working on right now? What inspires right now?

"Right now I'm working on developing prints and textiles that will sit in the home space. I'm also super excited about releasing a new collection of rugs in collaboration with a dear friend. Generally I'm really inspired/interested in how different materials hold and reflect color. Lately I've been thinking about the work of Tsuyoshi Maekawa- a Japanese artist who works primarily with paint brushed over beautifully tucked and draped burlap canvas."