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Color: blue


Our JOLIE SUN HAT is made of raffia which makes this product very flexible. You can shake and shape your hat individually to your preferred form. It can be worn with an open brim for sun protection as well as rolled up. Please make sure to keep it dry.



    100% biodegradable raffia, keep dry at anytime

    vegan apple leather label made of biological recycled industrial waste of the peel and the core of apples



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    Inspired by the beach, the waves and structure of oysters, Gemsun x Jolie created an exclusive, limited edition JOLIE SUN HAT made out of 100% biodegradable raffia. Profits from the garment are donated to the Billion Oyster Project organization to help clean New York’s harbor by restoring oyster reefs (did you know oysters are natural water filters and that New York City was the oyster capital of the world?).

    Gemsun celebrates ethically produced and sourced clothing that keeps the health of our planet and its people in mind. Jolie is a beauty wellness company that serves our bodies and minds by providing clean and healthy water for better skin & hair. Harmful contaminants in water like chlorine, heavy metals and other harmful chemicals are being eliminated through the Jolie Filtered Showerhead. Gemsun & Jolie both create products while serving (not hurting) the planet. Our JOLIE SUN HAT is a special collaboration bringing the two brands together.

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